By: Ashley McCubbin

After spending 15 years out from the behind the wheel of a truck, Greg Biffle got back into the series last season at Texas Motor Speedway, scoring the victory. It’s a feat that he hopes to repeat this weekend at Darlington Raceway.

“There are so many,” Biffle told POPULAR SPEED. “I think the biggest challenge is running as close or as close as a proximity to the wall as we do. The margin for error every single lap at Darlington is very, very small, and the price you pay for the smallest mistake or error can mean the rest of the race. So you have to enter the corner with just the right amount of speed that the car physically slides up and stops about six inches from the wall, simultaneously you’re pushing the gas to get off the corner.

“It’s hard to get that system figured out and not change what you do when in traffic, and not go over those bounds ever. That’s probably the most challenging part of Darlington.”

Although it’s his first race of the season, Biffle knows his way around the track Too Tough to Tame, having won a pair of Southern 500s with six top-10’s in total.

“I’m super excited to get back in the trucks,” Biffle commented. “I cut my teeth starting in the Truck Series. I really, really enjoy it. I love that track down there in South Carolina – Darlington Raceway, have a few Cup wins there. I’m excited, but I’m really nervous at the same time. I haven’t been in a car or a truck in a little over a year. No practice, anything – cold turkey so it’s going to be exciting.”

It also wasn’t originally supposed to be his only start of the year, as originally set to run three races for Kyle Busch Motorsports this year. Unfortunately, though with COVID-19 changing the schedule, the deal
“got backburnered or completely trashed.”

However, a conversation with Mike Beam opened the door for Biffle to run Darlington Raceway.

“I just looked at their equipment and talked with them,” he said. “They obviously have a first-class organization, similar to some of the other teams going out and being in the Truck Series. So it was an easy decision for me when the opportunity came up. I’ve never turned down a wonderful opportunity to get in a Cup car or Truck to win, and it just fit. It was Darlington – not happy about the no practice and qualifying and all that, but I get it. These are times we’re living in and that is going to be difficult for me.”

The opportunity of running more events in the future is also something he’d be open for.

“I’m happy running a few races throughout the year,” he shared. “I think its fun to get back in and compete with these guys. I’d be interested in running a few races, a short schedule like Kyle and I talked about this season. I think I’d be up to that in the right situation.”